Navratri Durga Maa Aarti Free Download {MP3, Lyrics Marathi}

The nine-day festival of Navratri in Hindu religion is dedicated to the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga. Navratri 2019 dates are from October 29 Sept to October 7, 2019. Chaitra Navratri 2016 is from April 8 to April 15 as per Hindu calendar. The most important Navratri in a year is the Sharadiya Navratra which begins on the first day of the bright half of Ashvin or Ashwayuja (September-October) as per traditional Hindu calendar.

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Navratri Durga Maa Aarti Free Download

During Navratri, people from villages and cities gather to perform ‘puja’ on small shrines representing different aspects of Goddess Durga, including Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati. Chanting of mantras and renditions of bhajans and folk songs usually accompany the puja rituals for nine consecutive days of Navratri. Click below to download Navratri Durga Maa Aarti Free Download {MP3, Lyrics Marathi}

In South India, during Navratri, people arrange idols in a step pattern and invoke the name of God.  You can download for free In Mysore; the nine-day Navratri festival coincides with ‘Dassera’ Festival involving folk music renditions and dance performances, wrestling tournaments and tableau participation. The procession of tableaux along with embellished elephants, camels and horses starting from the brightly-lit Mysore Palace is a famous one. ‘Vijayadashami’ is also an auspicious day in South India for performing puja for one’s vehicle. You can download for free Navratri Durga Maa Aarti, Bhakti Songs and much more. We as Hindus never want to go wrong in any of our spiritual doings. Moreover such hymns and prayers enlighten the festive spirit.

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Navratri Durga Maa Aarti Free Download

Feel happy and rejoice the great happiness of the holy goddess Durga by playing Navratri songs and Melodies that entice you and create a world of spiritual happiness. So, for The Occasion of Navratri 2019 we give you the best opportunity to download for free Happy Navratri Aarti Free Download {MP3, Lyrics Marathi}. Make the most of the festive occasion by downloading other spiritual Mp3 songs in Marathi as well. Thanks for Visiting and Happy Navratri.