Navratri Decoration Ideas for Year 2017

Happy Navratri Utsav is a spectacular festival celebrated by Hindus with great pomp and show, honouring Maa Durga, a healer of all difficulties. It is celebrated all over India, however most importantly the festive grandeur and fun is witnessed in Mumbai, Gujarat, Karnataka and across Maharashtra. This year too Happy Navratri Utsav 2017 will be celebrated on 21st Sept 2017. Every Mumbaikar with their undying spirit leaves no stone unturned to welcome their beloved Maa Durga and do the sacred (Ghat Pooja and fasting. The festive celebration goes on for as long as 9 days, the 10th day being celebrated as Dasshera.

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2015 Navratri Decorations Ideas Rangoli

The festival is celebrated not only in homes but also in Sarvajanik Pandals across Mumbai. Every Sarvajanik pandal does decoration keeping a certain theme or social issue in mind and innovatively represent current social issues that the society faces and gives the message to the masses. Men and women folk dressed in the most awesome traditional wear dance the night out in praises of Lord Durga.

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2015 Navratri Decorations Ideas

One can see in every home, Sarvajanik pandals across Mumbai that the preparation of Navratri Utsav 2017 Decoration, Dance Practice, Garba Performancs, Rangoli Decorations, and Flower Decorations begins a month before in advance. Devotees, who welcome the idol home clean, paint and decorate the house months in advance to welcome their favourite deity home and seek its blessings.’

2015 Navratri Decorations Ideas Thali Decoration

The Pandals are one of the striking features of this festival. During this festival, community Pandals serve as temporary homes for the idol of the deity. The Pandals are mostly spaciously decorated; half is decorated for the Puja, while the other half is designed as a venue for Garba and Raas performances in groups in large numbers.

Every child, Young boys, men and women can be seen dressed and decorated in the most traditional decorative wears and jewellery. Ghagras, Cholis, Kathiawadis such dress materials are very famous and most commonly used for Navratri celebrations. Devotees also make use of decorative ribbons and lace borders to build small temples or Pandals (mandaps). Happy Navratri Utsav 2017!!


2015 Navratri Decorations Ideas Mandir

2015 Navratri Decorations Ideas Kalash Decoration

2015 Navratri Decorations Ideas -Durga-Puja-Pandal-Decoration-Idea

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